Barry Wyatt Associates is a full service, broad based political consulting and public affairs firm. We follow a basic, simple formula no matter what the project is. Beginning with a thorough evaluation of the situation we move forward to a viable strategic plan. In both political campaigns and public affairs projects that plan will include identifying the audience, calling them to action and then continuously monitoring their progress.

We understand that ever changing technology requires us to have the base knowledge and the constant vigilance to maintain the effectiveness of the tools we use to convey the message.

It is no secret that communicating today can be almost instantaneous and while that is an advantage in certain situations it can be a major problem in others. We are experts at developing a message that cuts through the clutter and resonates with those you are trying to influence.

We understand that each situation we encounter is unique and thus requires a unique approach. BWA achieves success by combining the basic formula with our solid communication knowledge to produce a winning result. Understanding the goals of our clients and committing the time and attention necessary to meet them has always been what we do and why we’re effective.